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New flash movie.

2010-08-01 21:06:06 by BAMDANAproductions

I'm working on a new fash movie, since my first and previous flash i got comment on how to improve my movies. And so what I did was wrote them all down on a peice of paper, started up the adobe flash cs3 professional, and just ripped up and threw the peice of paper out, cause frankly that's not how i roll. you can tell me what to do to improve my movies all you want, but i aint gonna listen. I do my own thing and don't let no one tell me what to do or how to do it. But I am working on a new movie and it gonna be better than the first one in a few ways, its not going to be madness good, but its still improved since the last movie. I ve been working on this movie for a long while now, and im going to be working on it for a long time every single day, but this month of august i will be taking a break sometime in it, so i will postpone the work on it for a little while. you are probably reading this thinking well wtf do i care about your movie, well ill tell ya. This movie is gonna rock so hard, its not just gonna explode your mind, its gonna explode your balls. its pretty bad assed, and ive got a group of people working on it here at HQ. so this is just a warning to be prepared.